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Even if you're not getting callbacks now and auditions freak you out.

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It's not rocket science. Great Auditions = More Work!

Maybe it's been on your mind for awhile…

…lumped in with all the other important things on your “someday" to-do list (like new headshots, a website, agent, manager or social media...)

Or maybe you haven't done it because...

  • Your're too busy to go to class.
  • You don't know an audition coach who can help you be your best.
  • Even if you did, you can't afford expensive coaching.
  • It all just seems so overwhelming.


But, deep down, you know YOU NEED consistently GREAT AUDITIONS to have the career you want.


Even if you're thinking:

"I don't know where to start..."

"I don't have enough experience..."

"I don't know if I'm talented enough..."

"I don't have the money..."



I'll help you:

  • Prepare auditions that get them interested in YOU!
  • Be more relaxed, confident and ready to do your best work!
  • Stop trying to figure out what to do and start working MORE!

Maybe waiting to get serious about your career was a smart move!


Not going ALL IN on coaching was genius because now you're in the right place!


You give great auditions when you...

  • Stop fearing them and you're ready and eager to share your talent.
  • Know who the players in the audition process are and your role in it.
  • Can quickly scan your sides to find what you need to give a personal and powerful performance.
  • Tap into your experience and imagination so YOU can shine at every audition.
its a game changer

As a young actor my auditions were a crap shoot. Some were great and some were... well, crap. My career was going nowhere.

So, I started analyzing every step of the audition process. I asked everyone I knew who was booking what they were doing. Preparing great auditions became my #1 career priority and THAT changed everything.

Six months later....


I've been refining and using this system to book starring roles on Broadway, television and film ever since!

Now, I'm not saying you'll have the same success right out of the gate, but...


What would it mean to you if you could just quit your survival job and be a full-time, working actor?


OR what if you had to keep your day job (for now) but you owned every audition with unshakeable CONFIDENCE?

…would that be a game changer for you?

Well, that's the realistic milestone I want to put in your head right now.

Because, if you have THAT, all that's stopping you is a step-by-step, audition prep system.

Here it is!

with Philip Hernandez


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The result is 5 CORE CLASSES and a treasure trove of checklists, cheatsheets and resource lists that hold your hand through every step of preparing sides for your audition

Audition Sides Made Easy

Here’s How It Breaks Down…

5 Game-Changing Classes help you....

Maximize your time and focus your talent so you’ll be ready and eager to share it in the room! 

Setting the Stage!

  • In Class 1, we set the stage for your SUCCESSFUL audition!
  • Quiet the negative thinking that's keeping you from BOOKING MORE.
  • Create a more positive AUDITION MINDSET.
  • Learn the real GOAL of your audition. (Spoiler Alert: It’s not to get the job).
  • Create the personal freedom you need to bring your best game to every audition.
  • After Class 1, you’ll never look at auditions the same way again!

Critical Research!

  • You'll learn why you're an idiot if you don't do research before your auditions.
  • The 5 things you MUST research.
  • AND You'll get up-to-date, real world resources to help you find and BOOK MORE AUDITIONS!

Discovering What's in the Writing!

  • In Class 3 you'll learn how to be insanely prepared.
  • The BEST way to approach your first read through.
  • How to find the information you need to build your performance - FAST.
  • The questions you MUST ask every time you pick up a script.
  • The secret to understanding your audition sides from the inside out.

Discovering YOU in the Writing!

  • Here's where you'll learn to harness your most POWERFUL asset - YOU!
  • Learn how to get noticed (in a good way) at an audition.
  • Why understanding the relationships in your sides is the key to a great audition.
  • And how having a personal point of view boosts your booking ratio!

Your Crucial Moment Before!

  • Learn why your audition needs a strong moment before you speak.
  • Discover how it reflects the way we think and creates believable physical life.
  • Learn how to choose one that fires you into action and fuels your scene!
  • Your Moment Before jumpstarts your audition scene..... It’s MASSIVELY important!


Script resources for actors bonus
bonus #1

The most comprehensive list of script resources online. You’ll discover 19 sites with quality audition scenes and monologues from film, television and theatre. When a real audition pops up it'll be no big deal because you’ll be used to preparing audition sides.

Self taping guide bonus
Bonus #2

Your self-tape submissions MUST look professional. We'll talk about the inexpensive, high-quality equipment you need to get the job done. You'll also get 11 essential tips about lighting, sound, choosing a camera, your clothing choices, editing and sending the audition so you’ll get GREAT RESULTS every time.

Conquering audition nerves bonus
bonus #3

Conquering Audition Nerves is a two-part bonus! You’ll get my Conquering Audition Nerves E-book where you’ll learn what nervousness really is and how to make it work in your favor so you can be present and available at your audition. Part 2 is a 15-minute MP3 to help you feel powerful, relaxed and centered from the moment you leave home until your graceful exit at your audition.


Mastery level

Join the MASTERY LEVEL and you'll also receive 2 one-on-one Skype Coachings with me to help you master all of your new audition techniques!

So what would it be worth to you if...

  • You didn’t have to spend dozens of hours and thousands of dollars patching together your audition system, only to STILL rely on a hope and prayer your audition goes well?
  • You could learn how to nail your audition sides from a single step-by-step program, instead of jumping between ACTING classes that leave you with NO IDEA of how to AUDITION effectively?
  • You could stop “dreaming” about booking more... stop “talking” about someday being a working actor... and create the career you want today by learning how to audition like a pro?





  • Class 1: Setting the Stage
  • Class 2: Critical Audition Research
  • Class 3: Discovering What's in the Writing!
  • Class 4: Discovering YOU in the Writing!
  • Class 5: Your Crucial Moment Before
  • BONUS: Self-Taping Guide for Actors
  • BONUS: Script Resources for Actors
  • BONUS: Conquering Audition Nerves (PDF and Mp3)
  • Printable Cheatsheets/Checklists to keep you on Track!
  • Written Transcripts and MP3s of all classes so you can learn on-the-go!
  • Lifetime Access to the Members Only Classroom 24/7/365!


  • Two (1 hour) Private 1-on-1 Skype Coachings with Philip (No expiration date) ($300 VALUE!)
  • Class 1: Setting the Stage
  • Class 2: Critical Audition Research
  • Class 3: Discovering What's in the Writing!
  • Class 4: Discovering YOU in the Writing!
  • Class 5: Your Crucial Moment Before
  • BONUS: Self-Taping Guide for Actors
  • BONUS: Script Resources for Actors
  • BONUS: Conquering Audition Nerves (PDF and Mp3)
  • Printable Cheatsheets/Checklists to keep you on Track!
  • Written Transcripts and MP3s of all classes so you can learn on-the-go!
  • Lifetime Access to Members Only Classroom 24/7/365!
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Still have questions?

Wondering if "Audition Sides Made Easy" is for you? Find out below....

  • q-iconWill I be on a deadline to start the course? Is the class delivered live?

    The entire course is waiting for you right now. That means all 5 classes, all the bonuses, cheatsheets & checklists will be accessible the minute you login. You’ll find them inside your private members area that you can access 24/7/365, on any desktop or mobile.  You can go at your own pace, on your own time. Watch them one at a time or binge watch the entire class in one sitting.  It is up to you! You’ll also find downloadable, written transcripts and Mp3s of all the classes so you can listen to or read Audition Sides Made Easy on the way to your auditions, at the gym or anywhere!

  • q-iconI understand that if I put in the work and implement the audition systems I'll see big changes in my auditions - but how many hours should I be setting aside each week?

    Making your auditions a priority means investing time and working hard. To start, I suggest spending a minimum of 1-2 hours a week dedicated to the program. The more time you put in the faster you’ll progress. You have lifetime access, so you can go at the pace that suits your schedule! You can watch Audition Sides Made Easy over and over until the steps become second nature to you. To help you I’ve broken the hours of training in the program into bite-sized videos so they’re easy to digest.

  • q-iconI've been an actor for many years… will this class improve my auditions, or it it just a beginners’ class?

    The strategies in Audition Sides Made Easy are the ones I used to book my first Broadway show and I’m still using them to book roles on TV, stage and film. Whether you’re auditioning for series regular, guest star, co-star, film or theatre roles, they’ll help you.


  • q-iconWhere and when do I get my class bonuses?

    After you enroll, you’ll receive an email with your login information.  You’ll find all of the course material and bonuses in the private members area when you sign up.

    You have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course, the bonuses and all future updates!

It's time. Stop waiting and start working. Claim Your Spot In “Audition Sides Made Easy" NOW!!!

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