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Creativity for actors is the ability to let your heart, mind and intuition guide you, as your body and voice bring words to life. Actors need to be ready to do their best work whenever opportunity knocks. Keeping your creative juices flowing keeps you sharp and will help you reach your career goals faster. Here are 10 ways to stay in top creative shape. Make a creative work space. Select a space in your home as your “creative place” where all of your projects, dreams inspirations and goals come together. We’re creatures of habit. A space where we’re used to being creative prompts us to be creative whenever we enter it. Start writing Understanding the writer’s intent and how they achieve it is central to the actor’s craft. The more you learn about storytelling the more creative (and effective) your storytelling becomes. Writing also puts you in touch with your […]

10 Ways Actors Can Increase Their Creativity

Is your body keeping you from booking auditions
As actors, behavior is our business. But when you say one thing and your body communicates something else we believe what we see, not what you say. The non-verbal signals we send speak louder than words. Actors need to be aware of how the things they do may be perceived by others. Your body language reflects the truth of your inner life through your posture, gestures, facial expressions and voice. Master it and your work, relationships and career will improve. Here are 10 things you may be doing that are keeping you from booking auditions. Playing small Confidence is attractive.  Don’t be a wallflower at your audition. Own the space you occupy. Sitting (or standing) with your legs slightly apart gives you a base that makes you look and feel more confident. Wandering Hands and feet betray a thoughtless mind. In performance, wandering aimlessly or randomly shifting your weight tells […]

Is your body keeping you from booking auditions?

Because I work regularly in both, I’m often asked how acting onstage and acting on camera are different. This week I was on set shooting episodes of The Path (HULU), Law and Order: SVU (NBC) and BULL (CBS) so, between costume fittings, makeup, hair, camera setups and craft services (YUM), I pondered that question and wrote down my thoughts for you. First, the good news is whether you’re a stage or on camera your internal work is the same. You still have to know who you are – physically and emotionally. What you need and what you’re willing to do to get it. And you have to know how you feel about everything you talk about and everyone you talk to. There’s more than that, of course, but that’s a good start. The big difference between acting onstage and on camera has to do with distance. On camera, most of […]

The Difference Between Acting on Camera and Acting Onstage

10 steps to building your acting career
Building a successful acting career takes time. But it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Do at least one thing for your business and one thing for your art every day you’ll make steady progress toward your goals. Not sure what to do? These 10 steps will focus your efforts in a productive way.   Build Relationships Let your industry contacts know when you’ve booked a job, are in a show or achieved a career milestone. See shows. Introduce yourself. Talk with people about what they do. If you’re not using social media to build relationships you’re missing out. Social media makes it easy to stay in touch with people you know, connect with people you want to know and build your audience – if you know how. This class will show you how to build real relationships using social media.   Build your understanding of people People are fascinating. Study their […]

10 Steps to Building your Acting Career

acting on camera
We are all very good at reading subtle shades of meaning on people’s faces. We instinctively know, for instance, if someone is truly engaged, distracted or thinking about something else entirely. On stage, when you’re momentarily distracted by a technical issue or a lapse in concentration, the audience may not notice because they’re sitting many feet from the stage. But, on set, the camera records your thoughts as they flash across your face “up close and personal.” This is great if you’re prepared but if you’re busy hitting your mark or thinking about what your next line is, the camera will record the actor’s thoughts instead of the character’s. Stage actors are often unprepared for that kind of scrutiny and for the preparation and focus acting on set requires. Many stage actors I work with are preoccupied with their lines and how they will say them as if what they […]

Acting On Camera Isn’t About The Lines

are you ever too old to start acting-
Recently an actress names Brandy asked: “Is there an age that is too old to start acting? I’m 42 and I just now have the courage and time to attend acting classes.” You are not too old to start acting. Having the time and the courage (and probably the funds) to pursue your passion is an enviable position for a beginning actor to be in. The years of life experience you have to draw upon will be a distinct advantage and an immeasurable gift as you begin your new adventure. At 42, you’re probably more self-aware than someone with fewer years under their belt. By now you know you’re not the center of the universe. You know the joy of falling in love and the pain of falling in love with the wrong person. You’ve mourned the death of a loved one. You’ve been the hero, the bad guy, the […]

Are You Ever Too Old to Start Acting?

3 reasons youre not getting cast in musical theatre
You’re serious about working in the musical theatre. You pony up the dough to study with a good voice teacher and you’re feeling good about how you sound. But you’re still not getting cast! A good singing voice isn’t enough to get you the gig. Here are 3 reasons you’re not getting cast in Musical theatre. Your song’s not personal enough A great singer tells stories that reveal something about themselves and their own personal truth. Singing the words without a real personal investment in them, even with a pretty voice, is redundant. The lyricist has already written the words. Hearing you repeat them isn’t what they’re after. Your job is to take personal responsibility for them and fill them with your truth, point of view, sense of humor and experience. That’s what brings a song to life and makes people sit up and pay attention at an audition. Your song […]

3 Reasons You’re Not Getting Cast in Musical Theatre

Most casting for new series takes place during pilot season. Pilot season runs from approximately January through April, ending with the network’s annual upfronts in May, where network executives unveil their new fall and midseason shows to potential advertisers and the press. A pilot that gets picked up can quickly skyrocket your career! Here are 12 ways to get ready for the coming pilot season. Update your tools Headshots should capture the essence of who you are, the kinds of roles you’re castable in and should look like you will when you arrive at the audition. Resumes should be organized, easy to read and up-to-date. Have your current reel available online in single clips and labeled so casting can watch your 12 second ‘comedy’ clip without having to watch your entire reel. Get your social media together When casting Googles you, what they find should look great and give them […]

12 Ways To Get Ready For Pilot Season